Everything you need to know about our wedding cinematography services


The base price is €890 which includes:

1 videographer to film the preparations (one location only), the ceremony and drink reception until dinner

- 3-4 minutes long music clip called “Highlights” uploaded to an online storage and video sharing sites (YouTube) in full HD 1920x1080p quality. The most popular format these days, a short essence of your special day. Easy to watch anytime on your TV, phone, tablet or computer. Easy to share with anyone on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites


- 30-40 minutes long traditional wedding “Film” which is a chronological documentation of your wedding day. It also comes in crisp, full HD 1920x1080p quality, uploaded to an online storage, where you can share it with anyone and download it to your own computer. You may not watch it every day due to the length of it, but it’s gonna be there whenever you need to relive those precious memories


- royalty free music fee for the “Highlights” clip to avoid copyright issues caused by using non-licensed music

Optional extras (not included in the base price):

- extended coverage with speeches included for €200

- full day coverage with speeches and first dance included for €400

- plus 1 cameraman to cover more angles and to include a second morning location for €400

- UHD 4K 3840x2160 quality (4 times better resolution than full HD) available now for €400

- USB key archive €50 each

- online DVD to share your videos for €50

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What is the difference between cinematography and video?

You might be wondering why we use the word “cinematography” instead of simply calling it “video”. A cinematographer is more focused on story-telling then a videographer who rather just documents an event as it happens. As cinematographers, we see ourselves as film makers, who pay attention to details, use special camera moving tools such as steadycams, sliders, cranes or drones and apply special editing techniques during post processing to make the final film aesthetically more appealing and emotionally more engaging.

Where are you based? Do you travel to other county?

We are based out of Galway, Co. Galway but don’t mind travelling to any locations at all. In fact, we love doing weddings at various locations and exploring new places at the same time. We do weddings all over Ireland and even abroad. There are always two bags fully packed and ready-to-go in our studio...

Do you charge extra for traveling?

Depending on the length of the trip we may charge an extra fee just to cover our expenses.

How much deposit do you need? 

There is a 25% deposit to be paid upon signing the contract. The balance is due on the wedding day. It is, of course, negotiable to a certain degree as we are aware of the financial pressure couples might have when organising their wedding.

What gear you use?

We use the latest professional Alpha line of Sony mirrorless cameras with compatible lenses and accessories. We use extra lighting equipment (if necessary) and camera moving tools which help us create exceptional images and films. During the day we might use a lot of different tools and move quite a bit around, but always try to stay out of the way and blend in as much as possible.

Do you record audio?

We always use several audio sources. On-camera microphones, field audio recorders and the soundboard of the DJ or band. We might place a mic on the groom and the priest (if they agree) during the ceremony to make sure we have the highest quality sound possible. Although you have to keep in mind that there are other factors which might affect sound quality, such as air conditioning or the old in-house speaker systems in some hotels etc.

Can we use our favourite song in our videos?

It’s illegal to use any copyright protected music in videos without the permission of the author, so we always license music from royalty free sources like or It gives us creative control over the music track which plays an important role in editing and recreating the athmosphere of the wedding day. You can check our sources to see the options and may choose a song you really like. We believe that the song of our choice can become your next “favourite” which will always remind you of your wedding day and nothing else. The fee is included in the base price.

When do we get the  videos?

Depending on the details of your package we deliver the digital files within 10-12 weeks after the wedding. This is always specified in the contract we sign. This does not apply to any third-party involved in the process (like shipping) since we usually have little to no control over their workflow or shipping policy.

Can we get all the files?

We don’t give away any unedited and/or raw video footage. Only the videos which go through our careful selection and professional editing process can be delivered to you. That’s the only way we can control the quality of our work. There are no further restrictions however in terms of how you use the files we deliver. We don’t use watermarks on our videos and you get unlimited rights to use them.

Do you do DVDs?

We do not offer DVDs as an option anymore because we believe that discs are the past and online services are the future. The quality and flexibility of this old-fashioned media cannot be compared to what other digital options e.g. online storage or USB have to offer. We do, however, deliver your videos using an online platform (except for the "Single" package) which gives you the DVD watching experience but it's more flexible and offers much better quality. More details at

Thank you for your time. Hope we could help. If you have any questions left feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your wedding again.

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